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I’ve Served Ida Grove Since: I first began serving Ida Grove as a firefighter in 1997 and in 2017 I proudly added serving as the City’s Mayor. 

What Drew Me to Serve: I believe we have a truly great city filled with great people. I serve as the City’s Mayor to help keep Ida Grove moving forward, growing and getting better in every way possible.  I sincerely want to make a difference in our community by doing all that I can. Growing our population, expanding opportunities and developing a town that a younger generation can return to are among my top priorities. 

I Love Ida Grove: As a kid I loved visiting Ida Grove. I have many fond memories of the town including roller skating as a young child and cruising the loop as a teenager. As an adult, I have worked and raised my family in Ida Grove for over twenty years. I dearly love our small town, the strong sense of community and the people who give so much of themselves. Ida Grove is the place I proudly call home. 

My Passions: My number one passion in life is my family, and my grand kids are the absolute light of my life. Another huge passion of mine is sports, and you can often find me officiating, taking in a Cubs game or cheering on the Cyclones. Serving my community, hunting, fishing and camping are just a few of my favorites.  

My Dream for Ida Grove: My dream for Ida Grove is to have a state of the art infrastructure that is self-supporting for the next generation, for many years to come. Quality roads, superior water facilities, well-maintained buildings and a top of the line school system are among my top priorities. I want Ida Grove to always be a safe and warm community, just as it is today, with a low crime rate and strong family values. An ideal and growing community in which to raise a family with entertainment for all ages, safe transportation and a healthy economy.


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