In Business. For Business.

We have more than 100 local business, with two leaders in their respective fields. GOMACO Corporation is the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology, and Midwest Industries is a leader in marine equipment and utility trailers. These two employ more than 300 people each, and remain at the heart of the continued and ongoing strength of the Ida Grove economy.

Making History

History Made Here

Since the founding, Ida Grove has made history in business by seizing challenges, creating solutions and empowering opportunities. Innovations span from grain wagons to world-leading road paving systems to model aviation fuels. While blazing a trail through history, much effort has been made to preserve it and honor some of its most chivalrous times.

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Housing Possibilities

People Power

Business needs people and people need places to live. Ida Grove has a diverse population and equally diverse opportunities for living in and around the city. From the original areas of town to the rapidly developing western side, there is a place for everyone in Ida Grove.

Housing Development Opportunities

A Place to Work

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Getting Started

Resources to Start Off Right

Are you starting a business in Ida Grove? Here are a few resources to help get you up and running.

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