Our City. Our Government.

The city of Ida Grove is served by a mayor and five council persons. They meet on the first and third Mondays of the month. Ida Grove also has a five-person Planning & Zoning Commission, and a five-person Board of Adjustment.

The City Clerk’s office and related personnel are located at City Hall, 712-364-2428. Ida Grove has five individuals on the city crew.

Ida County is served by three supervisors, a county attorney, county sheriff, county treasurer, county auditor, county assessor, county recorder and county clerk. Offices for these positions can be found in the Ida County Courthouse, 401 Moorehead St.

Nathan Weitl

Ida Grove Mayor

Jeff Miesner

Councilman - Ward II

Jared Bogue

Councilman At-Large

Reynold McLead


Jason Schable

Councilman - Ward III

Gregor Ernst

Councilman - Ward I

City Departments and Employees

Behind the Scenes

Your city clerk and city employees are often the only people that many citizens see involved in city business. It is the responsibility of city staff members to keep the city council advised on the needs and the conditions of the city. Duties of the city staff can include attending meetings, preparing agendas and minutes, preparing financial reports, providing information, keeping current on issues that affect the city, and making recommendations to the council.

meet the team

Scott Clark

Ida Grove Recreation Center Director

Lucas Collins

Wastewater Superintendent

Jane Petersen

Librarian Assistant

Kelly Young

Deputy Clerk

Tonya Rehse

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Hopkins

Lisa Hopkins

Library Assistant
Angela Scales

Angela Scales

Library Director
Kris Taylor

Kris Taylor

City Crew
Gerrod Sholty

Gerrod Sholty

City Crew Foreman
Bob Lorenzen

Bob Lorenzen

Parks Superintendent

Heather Sweeden

City Clerk
Peter Goldsmith

Peter Goldsmith

City Attorney

Licenses, Forms and Tools

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