For All Emergencies: Call 911

Horn Memorial Hospital: 712-364-3311

Ida Grove is home to a hospital and emergency response team known for their compassionate care and excellence. Horn Memorial Hospital and the Ida Grove Ambulance Service provide 24-7 emergency and medical care for the Ida Grove community.

With a dedication to keeping our community healthy, Ida Grove clinics and specialists are a great resource. From the sunrise of life to the sunset, our clinics and specialists will be there all along the way.

Dignity and integrity in life’s challenging moments is what gives hope for better days ahead. Ida Grove is home to rehabilitation and long-term-care centers that will help you focus on what matters most to you.

More than just the act of being fit, fitness is the challenge to make the most out life. Staying physically and mentally active, eating healthy, fitness centers can help you.

More than just a purveyor of medicines and healthcare products, pharmacies have a wealth of knowledge and a desire to help the community maintain a healthy life.

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