Public Safety

For All Emergencies:
Call 911

Ida Grove Ambulance Service

Based out of Horn Memorial Hospital in Ida Grove.

Ida Grove Volunteer Fire Department

409 First St.

Ida Grove Sheriff’s Department

401 Moorehead St.

Ida Country Emergency Notification System

Sign up for Ida County/Alert Iowa Alerts! In the event of an emergency or severe weather, an alert will be sent to the phone number and/or email address provided by voice, text and/or email.

This is a free service provided by Ida County and the State of Iowa, however, normal message fees may apply.To receive text messages to your cell phone, your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities. Notifications are dependent upon external providers and receipt of notifications by the intended recipient cannot be guaranteed.

Alerts sent from Ida County will originate from 69310 for text messages, (712) 555-5555 for voice notifications, and [email protected] for email. Please be sure to save these in your phone and/or address book.

In order to receive both text and voice alerts, you must enter your cell phone number twice. Select the “Text” option the first time and the “Voice” option the second time.

Ida Grove Ambulance Service

ida-slide-ambulance-1500x630The Ida Grove Ambulance service is a volunteer service with 19 crew members. The service is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding to emergencies in Ida Grove and surrounding areas. The service also provides emergent transfers from the local hospital to higher levels of care. The ambulance crew consists of EMTs, assistants, and drivers. The Ida Grove Ambulance has two rigs, a 2011 Chevrolet ambulance as the main rig and a 1998 Ford ambulance that is used as back up. A 2016 Chevrolet ambulance is coming soon! Other equipment includes 2 new Zoll patient monitors with EKG transmission and defibrillation capabilities, vacuums splits and full body splint, automatic Striker cots, as well as specific equipment used for spinal immobilization, bleeding control, diabetic emergencies, cardiac emergencies, severe allergic reactions and other life threatening medical/trauma needs.

During EMS week in May, the ambulance visits the elementary school and talks with kindergarteners about different aspects of emergency medical care. The ambulance also sponsors a poster contest for the 3rd grade students at that time. 2nd graders tour the ambulance during Hospital Week and learn about different types of equipment.

The crew meets monthly for business meeting as well as training/continuing education.

Crew Members: Tony Bauer, Joel Frank, Dana Goodman EMT, Chelsea Gross, Renae Hamman, Jamie Hewitt, Megan Irish, David Larson AEMT, Andrew Miller EMT, Sam Miller, Rebecca Neddermeyer AEMT/RN, David Nelson EMT, Delaine Nelson EMT, Dean Niemeier, Dustin Schiernbeck EMT, Joyce Schnabel EMT, and Megan Wellendorf EMT

Junior Crew Members: Carrie Miller, Brittany Hamman

Our Facilities

Ida Grove Volunteer Fire Department

ida-slide-vol-fire2-1500x630More than 20 firepersons on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipment available include a 1985 pumper truck, 1992 tanker truck, 1998 pumper truck, 1999 fire equipment van, 2011 rescue truck, 2012 attack truck, 2014 attack truck, and 2015 pumper truck. Other special equipment includes two Jaws of Life, two water rescue suits, grain bin rescue equipment, Minitor 6 pagers, and 13 Scott air packs.

During fire prevention week, the department travels to the school and visits the alternative kindergarten, preschool, gingerbread school, and kindergarten through the fourth grades. They take the fire truck to school and the firemen talk to the students and give them a chance to see the fire equipment up close and to see the fire truck. The Ida Grove Fire Department also sponsors a poster contest for the third grade students.

Fire Dept Officers: Scott VanDusen – Fire Chief, Devlun Whiteing – Asst. Fire Chief; Don Wunschel- Training Officer, John Jacobson – 1st Foreman , Ryan Jacobson-2nd foreman, Clint Wellendorf-3rd foreman, Patrick Arens-Secretary, David Clausen-Treasurer, Josh Pierson-Steward,

Members:, Tim Anderson, Justin Collins, Justin Gross, Nate Homan, Jared Johnson, Terry Lovett, David Nelson, Mike Porter, Jeremy Reitz, Josh VanHouten, Tim Wilcox, Darrell Wolf, Ricky Wonder

Jr. Fire Fighters. Blake Anderson, Tyler Anderson, Dakota Porter, Anna VanDusen

Our Facilities

Ida Country Sheriff’s Department

The mission of the Ida County Sheriff’s Office is: “Protection and Service of Our Citizens in a Professional and Compassionate Manner and the efficient and correct delivery of Law Enforcement services to the community.”

The people that make up the Ida County Sheriff’s Office are your friends, neighbors, and relatives – we are a part of your community!

With community support, the Ida County Sheriff’s Office will continue preparing for the future through partnerships, professionalism, performance and pride while consistently completing our daily goals and objectives.

The Ida County Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for all 432 square miles of Ida County. We serve approximately 7,000 residents of the county.

The Ida County Sheriff’s Office patrol staff consists of the Sheriff, Sergeant, eight full time Deputy Sheriffs and three Reserve Deputies.

The primary responsibility for the Sheriff’s Office is to maintain the safety and well being of all people in Ida County. Deputies respond to car accidents, fights, medical emergencies, fires, ordinance violations, citizen complaints, and many other types of calls.

Our Facilities


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