Reynold McLead

Councilman At Large

I’ve been serving Ida Grove since:  I served my community initially as a volunteer in different organizations since the 1990’s, briefly on the Ida Grove Ambulance service and for approximately seven years on the Ida Grove Fire Department.  Additionally, for a year on the Planning and Zoning Commission and currently on the Ida Grove City Council as an elected member.

Why I Serve:  What drew me to serve is my personal belief that if possible, you should serve your community.  That is if you have the desire, talents and knowledge.  I would encourage anyone to take up a cause and find where they can fit into a volunteer organization because the activity is greatly rewarding and fulfilling.

I Love Ida Grove:  because of the people of Ida Grove, their friendliness, genuineness and work ethic are truly honorable.

My Passions:  I have a passion for listening to people and finding out who they are and the issues they face.  I feel as a servant of my community, this is the only way to understand the problems facing our community.  To act without understanding is not beneficial to the community.

My Dream for Ida Grove:  For Ida Grove to retain all the desirable traits and attributes of the small town we all love, with just the right amount of growth and prosperity so it is financially stable to provide the services and infrastructure needed by its citizens.