How-To: Photography

Step 1:

Gathering Content

Step 2:

Gathering Compelling Imagery

Step 3:

Posting a Story

Step 4:

Publishing Your Story
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How-To: Photography

People are lead by their eyes, follow with their hearts and lead with their minds. Photography that captures these elements creates a connection that they can relate to and opens the door to communication that matters to them. A community is rich with compelling elements to capture. People, places, experiences, creations and so much more – all just waiting to be shared.

Beyond the basic techniques, to get the most out of photography, ask some of the following questions:

  • Is the photo clear enough that a caption or a description is not needed?
  • Does the photograph begin, continue and/or finish telling a story?
  • Does it make the viewer want to be within that subject matter?
  • Is it compelling enough that people would want to share it with others?
  • Bonus Points: Does it allow the viewer to get lost in a memory related to the subject?

Some additional tips for great results:

Photography is generally captured at eye-level. While it can be the easiest type of shot to take and to relate to, it is also the easiest to overlook when scanning through many photographs. Look for alternative angles, stories within the shot that open the door to curiosity, intrigue or alternative viewpoints. They will be the ones that will catch an eye in a sea of imagery.

A few visual guides and examples

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