Help Keep Storm Drains Open!

Please help the City to keep storm drains open by not blowing grass into the streets. Per City Code 8-1.0103 PLACING DEBRIS ON STREETS, VIOLATION AND ABATEMENT. It Shall be unlawful for any person to throw, place or deposit or cause or permit to be thrown, placed or deposited, any glass, nails or other sharp substances, ashes, straw papers, sweepings, brush, weeds, grass, leaves, shavings or rubbish of any kind upon any street, alley or highway which substances block or prevents the free use and passage on said streets, alleys and highways or which are likely to injure any person, animal or vehicles, or which, if washed into the storm sewer, could block said storm sewer. The placing of debris on any streets is hereby declared to be a “nuisance” and may be abated as provided in Sections 3-1.0201 through 3-1.0209 of the city code or may be prosecuted as a simple misdemeanor. Violations of City Code may result in a municipal infraction fine of $750. For more information, please contact City Hall at 712-364-2428.