***UPDATE*** OWNER FOUND** Lost Dogs 6-18-24

On 6/18/2024, the City of Ida Grove picked up 2 lost dogs found along 2nd Street, near Horn Physicians Clinic. The black and white one is a male, and the beagle mix is female. If anyone has any  information on the owner(s), please contact City Hall at 364-2428.


“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” – Mark Twain

Like Twain, we are dog lovers in Ida Grove. We want you to keep your dog safe by keeping him or her from running at large If you love your dog as much as we think you do, license him or her with our city. If your animal is picked up, we can easily track down the owner if licensed.

Fines are assessed for dogs at large. The first fine is $20.00 with a daily boarding fee added. The second offense doubles and the third offense triples.

Be considerate of your neighbors as well; man’s best friend is known to poop on walks, so bring a scoop and a bag to clean up the ‘business.’