Lead & Copper Sampling

Last year a new well was added to the water system. The City of Ida Grove is required to increase monitoring of Lead and Copper to assess how the new water may affect the metal pipes in the distribution system. To help locate qualifying sites to monitor the water we have provided a short survey to see if your home meets the DNR’s monitoring criteria. These sample sites are needed this month because samples are due back to the DNR in June and a follow up round of samples are due by December.

Please fill out the form even if your home doesn’t qualify. The EPA has implemented new Lead service line inventory monitoring. This form will also help the city update our records for the lead service inventory in October.

The sampling process is simple for the lead and copper testing. A labeled bottle will be filled with a cold-water kitchen or bath faucet in the morning after at least 6 hours without flow. This sample would be picked up by city staff that morning.

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Water Discoloration

Many of the changes in the water you’re seeing lately are due to introducing the new well into the City water system. As with any change, it takes some time to work out all the kinks. We are aware of and working to address the color in the water. The discoloration is produced by iron presence in the water being oxidized by the chlorine that is used to disinfect the system. The colored water is not harmful for human consumption and will settle out. The well output has been reduced from the new well to reduce the amount of iron moving in the system. This is similar to the effects of hydrant flushing.

We assure you regular tests are being performed and passed per Iowa DNR requirements.